1. M

    Eating Disorder, Depression, and DOR

    After reading countless threads and posts on this website and others I came across some good advice, but not the advice that I need exclusively. Some background on me: I went to the University of Wyoming this past year and studied Architectural Engineering, I decided that the civilian college...
  2. 252swede

    NROTC Repayment of Tuition and Fees with Drop On Request before obligation period

    My son just received his PRB report with a board recommendation of leave of absence pending disenrollment with the recoupment of freshmen year tuition and fees. He submitted a DOR several weeks before the start of his sophomore year. His advisor says, "Most likely, you will not be required to...
  3. J

    Depression & Dropping

    Hello all, I was hoping someone could give me any insight to what's going on. I am a MIDN 1/C that was recently diagnosed (Dec 2020) with Major Depression with Suicidal Ideations after being admitted to the ER. My command has been informed of this and were in fact the ones who advised me that I...
  4. S

    Separate from the Academy after 2 years . VA benefits ? Veteran status

    I am currently a Midshipmen at the Naval Academy. After a long recollection these past two years, I am deciding to leave and not sign my 2 for 7. Upon separation and honorable discharge (I have no honor/conduct offenses) will I be eligible as a Veteran? Furthermore, will I be able to receive VA...
  5. N

    NROTC Drop On Request - Help!!

    Hello everyone, I am a senior mechanical engineering student and 1/C midshipman on a 2 yr side load scholarship. Up until recently, I had dreams of serving as a nuclear officer onboard a submarine. However, I desperately want to drop out of NROTC as soon as possible. My grandmother (who...