double major

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    Double Major with AFROTC?

    Hello, I'm currently an incoming freshman going to attend a four year in-state university. I have been strongly considering AFROTC but have a couple questions. I was planning on majoring in Political Science with a concentration on International Relations, and hoping to double major or minor in...
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    NROTC - Marines - Ambitious Academic Plans - LIFE Questions

    Good evening, Everyone. Hope all of you are staying safe through COVID. In my prior posts, I've been asking questions about MOS's and all sorts of big ambitious ideas / plans that are YEARS down the road for someone who is just starting college in August. However, I was sitting around my house...
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    Double Major in 5 years

    I am currently an engineering major with a very heavy course load, and, based on my performance thus far, it is looking like I will be able to get an extension on my scholarship for a fifth year. If I keep up the rigorous schedule, and start doing summer classes, then I would actually be able to...