1. C

    How Screwed Am I? One-time Drug Use During AFROTC.

    I will keep this somewhat brief, because I am extremely ashamed and need to get a clear answer of how to proceed. Recently, I was extremely stupid and drank a bit too much, which led me to hitting a bong exactly one time. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, as I got extremely sick...
  2. J

    Drug use as a teenager

    As a high schooler I used marijuana an average of once a month with friends, experimented with adderal a handful of times (about 10), and used nicotine heavily for about a year as I was addicted (through a vape; I’ve never touched a cigarette). However I no longer use any of these substances and...
  3. truenorth

    Honesty is still the best policy, right? Character matters, right?

    It's interesting to me that a number of aspiring candidates seem reticent about being "too honest" when it comes to disclosure about past alcohol consumption and/or drug use. Their obvious, and understandable, concern is that such disclosure will wreck their chances of being offered an...