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    Early Action Decision Notification Time

    Does anybody know what time of day the Academy would be sending out notifications? I find myself checking my email WAY to often waiting for the email. It would be nice to know if there’s a typical time they send it out so that way I know if I didn’t get it at that time to just wait until the...
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    Can an applicant be accepted Early Action while waiting on a medical waiver?

    My daughter has submitted her portion of her USCGA application for Early Action. She is going in for her medical test tomorrow. We think there is a chance that due to a childhood medical condition (which was corrected and is no longer an issue or any kind of restriction) that she might initially...
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    Early Action for Civilian Colleges and applying to WP?

    Hi so West Point is no doubt my top choice school, but being the kind of person that I am, I always like being prepared and having a backup plan. Thus, I'm curious as to what's everyone's opinions here in regards to applying early action to civilian colleges in case one does not receive a...