embry riddle

  1. S

    Embry Riddle NROTC vs USAFAPS

    I’m stuck between NROTC at ER and USAFAPS. I have two older siblings, one graduated from USNA and flying jets, another currently at USNA ‘24. My father also served 23 years Navy so it's a big influence. Does anyone have any advice or pros and cons about either one? Statistics? Academics...
  2. E

    Texas A&M or Embry riddle For USAF Pilot Commission

    I am having a backup plan in case I can't make it into the USAFA which would be the best college to earn a commission from to be a USAF pilot or even transfer to the USAFA
  3. J

    PLC but I won't meet the age requirements?

    Hello everyone! I am currently a junior in high school and I have been planning my way to becoming a pilot for the USMC. Part of my plan involves going to PLC during college to get a guaranteed flight contract. I want to do PLC in my freshman and sophomore year rather than the 10 weeks for...
  4. Maverick19


    So I am going to be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach Campus) starting Fall 2017 and will be majoring in Aeronautical Science on scholarship from Army ROTC. I know it might be a long shot, but is there any guys or parents on here who have kids that are also going to...
  5. U

    24 in ROTC to old?

    23 year old freshman at Embry Riddle starting in Spring possibly. Would be enrolling right before my 24th bday and want to also join an ROTC program maybe AFor Navy (always have been in love with AF but recently have been more interested in the Navy as a whole) --will I be to old by the time...