english and math teacher recommendations

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    What academics got you into USAFA?

    As a highschool student hoping to make it to USAFA, I was curious about what got other people into USAFA, (Academics, extracurriculars, SAT/ACT grades) to see what more I could do to make my dreams a reality. Alternatively, if you are USAFA faculty I would love to know what classes and sat...
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    Teacher Evaluation Question

    Hello All, In the process of submitting the forms for Class of '25. One issue i ran into this year is my english teacher evaluation. I've emailed her consistently and I also know that she's extremely busy because of all the COVID stuff going on and balancing lesson plans etc. My issue is she...
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    Letter of Recommendation Question

    I understand that I will need a letter of recommendation from an English instructor. However, as a community college student, I have not had an English class in a while (I tested out of English a while ago). I understand that instead, the letter of recommendation may come from another Humanities...
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    English Teacher Recommendation Problem

    So my situation with the English Teacher Recommendation is a little unusual. I've had a different English teacher each year of high school, so I had to choose my most recent one. My English class this year was online through a local college, but I emailed my professor and explained to her what...