1. T

    Prior Enlisted

    Are there any prior enlisted that are currently at the academy or currently serving on this forum willing to give advice about the process of applying? FCA3, Currently at FC Aegis "C" school, 1 and a half year in, have not been to the fleet yet, no prior college but will have close to an...
  2. MorningMommy

    NROTC Tier 3 or enlist......

    Hello everyone, I have been lurking for a while now and was hoping some of the knowledgable voices could help... My daughter is young but is a unique young lady who has found her resonance in the navy. She is currently a Sea Cadet, will go to recruit training this summer for sea cadets at 14...
  3. thomasvlogs

    Hey all! -- I'm new here. :)

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize there was an introduction section. What's going on everyone? I'm not much of a forum person (more active on other social media) but recognized that there have been thriving threads on all things service academy-related here (which is pretty awesome). First off...
  4. L

    Enlisted Sailor at USNA

    I'm a highschooler planning on doing NROTC, but considering other paths to a commission. Can anyone tell me about what it's like enlisting out of high school, and getting a degree from USNA or another school while in the Navy? If I were to enlist, it would be with the intention of becoming an...
  5. W

    Air Force Academy Cadet make it to America's Got Talent

    Didn't know where to post this thread but thought that these cadets deserve the recognition. Congrats to these cadets. But I thought that Cadets couldnt wear uniforms outside of the training/school. Any thoughts?
  6. V

    Officer without scholarship?

    If one does not receive a scholarship in ROTC (more specifically NROTC) and wants to pursue a career in the military, can they still be an officer? Or do they have to enter as enlisted after college?
  7. America Works

    Airman applying to the USAFA

    Hello, I am AmWorks [house of cards reference], and I am enlisted active duty in the USAF. I am applying to the Air Force Academy through the LEAD program. I have already started my application for class of 2022, and I have started pursuing several nominations. I hope to have my application...
  8. J

    Lead Program Advice

    I am currently enlisted in the Air Force and would like to attend the Air Force Academy. I arrived at my first duty station 2 months ago and I plan on submitting my lead packet within 6 months. I'm wondering whether the lead program is realistic for me and what I can do to improve my chances of...
  9. ET3toMid

    Enlistment bonus not being paid?

    I am currently about to graduate NAPS. A fight I've been having with admin all year is the payment of an enlistment bonus the Nuclear power program pays you upon graduation from power school. This is about $3,000, and in my enlistment contract says it is to be paid "upon completion of nuclear...
  10. ktnatalk

    Selected for BRIGADIER GENERAL

    Colonel Roberta L. Shea, Commanding Officer, I MEF Headquarters Group, who was the last Deputy Commandant at USNA, has been selected for promotion to the rank of Brigadier General last week. She was an enlisted Marine and graduated from USNA in 1991...
  11. D

    LEAD for Enlisted Airmen

    I'm currently enlisted and have been in for almost a year (went to BMT in March 2016). I've been looking into applying to the Academy through the LEAD program. I've been on station for about 5 months (since Sept. 2016) and have build a great rapport among my peers and leadership. I went through...
  12. R

    Prior Enlisted cadet--LDS Mission--Possibility?

    Hello everyone, I am currently a 3 degree here at USAFA and am a prior enlisted preppie who is interested in serving an LDS mission. I have made the decision to serve a mission and meet all of the age requirements for readmission exceeding all academic, military and physical requirements...
  13. N

    NROTC Drop On Request - Help!!

    Hello everyone, I am a senior mechanical engineering student and 1/C midshipman on a 2 yr side load scholarship. Up until recently, I had dreams of serving as a nuclear officer onboard a submarine. However, I desperately want to drop out of NROTC as soon as possible. My grandmother (who...
  14. S

    Prescribed adderall while enlisted

    The reason I enlisted was for the sole purpose of joining the Green to Gold Program. My NCO told me that the army can not medboard a soldier for ADHD, ADD, anxiety, etc after enlistment, so I decided to go to behavior health to talk to a profession about a little anxiety caused by simply being a...
  15. G

    LEAD applicant

    Hey, guys! I'm currently an enlisted DEPer. I was recently told about the LEAD program that allows enlisted airmen to apply for an appointment to the Academy/Prep School. Prior to enlisting, I was a college student. However, I had a time-consuming job and didn't take school too seriously, so my...
  16. Intell-etc

    How to appeal an enlistment denial?

    Hello, I recently was denied the opportunity to enlist into the Navy. I am 28 years old so I'm a grandpa in Navy terms but I also spent a lot of the time from the time I was eligible to enlist till now getting my bachelor's degree. I originally thought I would get my bachelor's and join the...
  17. 5Day

    Boot Camp for Enlisted to Complete USMA Application

    Under pilot program, enlisted soldiers can apply to West Point in one day http://www.armytimes.com/story/military/careers/army/2016/01/25/enlisted-soldiers-can-apply-west-point-just-one-day-under-new-pilot-program/79118780/
  18. E

    Nuke to Navy

    Going to try to kill two birds with one thread post: what does a former enlisted get paid at naps and then the academy? Also, if I have a few months until going to naps how should I be preparing? More details: I graduated nuclear power school finding out the last week I had been offered an...