1. FØB Zero

    Report scholarship to FAFSA?

    I remember reading that FAFSA wants students to report all scholarships even as they come along. I just decided I will be using the 4yr AROTC scholarship; do I have to report this to FAFSA now?
  2. KeyzCat

    FAFSA for 2017 - 2018 open

    This year is the first year that application opened on October 1st. Instead of current year financials, which forces many to wait or use estimates, this year will now use year prior . This year you will use your 2015 income. If you have a substantial income difference since 2015 you can give...
  3. J

    Is there a way out of ROTC/National Guard?

    Here is my situation. I've been in the army guard for a year and a half now and don't like it. The military is not for me and It's one of my biggest regrets. It's for some people but not me whether it's reserves or AD. I'm in college now and enrolled in ROTC taking MS1 and a PT class. my...