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  1. I

    22' NWP Graduate- Ask me anything

    Hello. I graduated NWP December of 2022 as a FFS and will be heading to USAFA this year. For all you new Falcons, Foundation, or Free Agents (or Parents), let me answer your questions at free will. Ask away and I shall answer to the best of my ability.
  2. I

    Northwestern Preparatory School Q&A

    Hello! I am a current student at Northwestern Preparatory School. I am here under a Falcon Foundation Scholarship and if you have any questions about my experience or tips so far, please ask and I will be happy to help. I have been here since September so it has been quite some time and I am...
  3. J

    Can Falcon Foundation Scholars still gain an appointment this year?

    I’m a USAFA class 26’ applicant and this is my first time creating a thread on this forum. I am currently in a “good” dilemma because I have received the FFS and I have received an appointment to USNA. My heart was completely set on attending USAFA after attending the Summer Seminar but when I...
  4. S

    Any Insights and Experiences with Falcon Foundation Scholarship, Appointment & Randolph-Macon?

    My daughters received today an invitation to attend the "United States Air Force Academy Class Appointee Event" but there's no official appointment. Instead, she was offered a Falcon Foundation Scholarship to go to an USAFA affiliated prep school. She still wants to go to USAFA and is...
  5. R

    Falcon Foundation USAFA Application

    Hello, I am a Falcon Foundation Scholar and I am somewhat confused about how the application works as a scholar. From people I know, they said that the only things I would have to redo for the next application cycle are the CFA, ALO Interview, and the Nominations. Can someone explain how the...
  6. R

    NWP vs. Randolph-Macon Pros and Cons

    Hello, Yesterday I received confirmation that I was not directly appointed, however, I am a Falcon Foundation Scholar. While slightly disappointed with no direct appointment, I am still happy, proud, and grateful that I am being seen as a viable candidate and to have this golden ticket...
  7. Beat Army2023

    Falcon Foundation, Commitment Contract.

    If possible could someone please post how long it took to receive your Commitment Contract, Privacy Release, and Character Release? Thank You.
  8. P

    Any sponsored preps/self preps in the SAP at MMI next year?

    I'd love to get to know some of yall before we meet! Also, does anyone know when we get a login for the MMI portal?
  9. O

    Falcon Foundation Student but no nomination

    Hi guys, This is my first thread I ever made. I received my Falcon Foundation scholarship around May this year and went to Northwestern Prep School. I have applied for all nomination sources including VP and presidential. Last week, my congressman and one of my senators didn't give me a...
  10. emtet

    Falcon Foundation Scholarship Recipients

    I'm starting this thread so that Falcon Scholars have an idea of who has also received a FFS and which prep schools they'll be attending. For those not aware of what the Falcon Foundation and their scholarship is: The Falcon Foundation was formed in 1958 by a group of retired Air Force...
  11. Ptsv

    Falcon foundation scholarship 2018

    All, DD received Falcon scholarship on 3/16. 1. I’m curious if others on this forum have received notice for this fall and what prep schools are being considered. 2. She is seriously considering NWP, but I have some concerns about the second semester. Can any NWP alumni speak to their second...
  12. B

    Which USAFA Affiliated Prep School?

    I had posted earlier about whether or not to accept a falcon foundation scholarship; however, I neglected to ask which one should I attend for the best chance of earning an appointment next year. I already have the scholarship, but I need to pick a prep school by the end of the week. Any...
  13. craiyan2

    Falcon Foundation Scholarship Trends

    Hi- I was looking into the FFS, and I was wondering how the foundation chooses its scholars. Obviously they don't pick the next hundred that didn't make it to the Academy. I'm guessing the trend is that they pick people with good gpa's and ec's but have a lower test scores on ACT/SAT. If...