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    Did I pass the cfa for a female?

    Hi so I recently took the cfa a few days ago and haven't gotten word from USMA and I'm getting worried. Theres no check mark showing up on my portal either, still yellow. These are my scores (I'm female btw). Do ya'll think I passed....? My running events obviously weren't the best as you could...
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    Female hair advice

    Hello! I’m getting my haircut tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had some insight on how short I should cut it. I somewhat know the requirements and know it doesn’t have to be short short, but I’m trying to decide what a good length would be. I’ve heard some say you should cut it really short...
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    Looking for post

    It has been a while, but I remember reading a post that had a lot of advice for female cadets. I think it was written by a recent West Point grad. She addressed dating, roommate, and other issues. I haven't been able to find it. Any help finding it would be appreciated. Thank you!