flying class 1

  1. H

    Official help please!

    BLUF- I have an FAA class 1 and a current Army flight physical, applying for an Air Force class 1 flight physical. I’m a relatively healthy person who has had past medical issues- tonsils removed, compartment syndrome, shoulder surgery for bursitis, exploratory laparoscopic surgery, etc. My...
  2. afrotc2022

    Air Force Pilot Vision Requirements: Refractive Errors

    Hi All, OK, so I've been doing some research on the USAF FC1 Refraction requirements for eyesight. Here are my results from DODMERB: Right Eye: Sphere: -2.25 Cylinder: +0.50 Axis: 0.92 Left Eye: Sphere: -1.00 Cylinder: +0.75 Axis: 0.87 That might be Greek to some people...sorry...