1. 3

    Advice for successful path to ROTC scholarship

    Trying to assist my daughter in decisions to make her competitive for an ROTC scholarship. Grateful for any feedback. She’s starting her junior year, undecided on specifics but certain of career in military and favoring cyber security or flying, any branch. Academics- without adding additional...
  2. F

    F-35 available from UPT after T38?

    Hello, so I just graduated, commissioned, got my pilot slot, passed flight physical, got my security clearance and am now waiting to EAD. I got two questions, One: I am curious if by the time I go to UPT (presumably starting the summer of 2019) will I be able to track F-35/F-22 directly? Or...
  3. L

    Marine Corps Fighter Pilot

    I will be enrolling in NROTC in the fall with the hopes of one day becoming a fighter pilot. Flying jets is my biggest motivation, but, I chose the Navy because, put simply, I would prefer working elsewear in the Navy than in the Air Force, and because I have an all around better impression of...
  4. H

    USNA or USAFA?

    Hello all, This is my first time to this forum, so I apologize if there is a better section for this question. I received an appointment to the USNA in January, and earlier today I was notified by my congressman of an offer of appointment to the USAFA as well. Understandably, this is a...
  5. PTWOB_485

    Airmanship and the Wings of Blue

    Hi Everyone, Recent grad here, currently an Admissions Advisor for USAFA. I noticed that there isn't a ton of information on here about the thing that I think really sets us apart from the other service academies (and really and other college in the world) -- our Airmanship programs. With...