food allergy

  1. TylerVsAROTC

    Confirming College Admission with a Potential DQ

    Hey everyone! Recently, I found out that I was awarded a 3 YR AROTC Scholarship to my #1 pick University. However, the deadline to confirm admission to that University is on May 1, and I will be unable to pay tuition without the financial aid from the Scholarship. Last year, I was prescribed...
  2. J

    DQ-History of Food Allergies

    I am an aspiring AROTC student and I was DQ'd for history of food allergies. As a kid, I had a tree nut allergy, but not a peanut allergy (ironically, I'm addicted to peanut butter to this day). However, I have mostly grown out of my tree nut allergies, except for cashew nuts, which I am still...