food allergy

  1. C

    ROTC - DoDMERB Tree Nut Allergy Waiver Concern

    Hey everyone, I have seen threads similar to my question, but not exactly the same as mine. I received a 3 year Army ROTC scholarship, and I am currently going back and forth with DoDMERB about waivers and medical history and all of the things I am sure you all are aware of. My current status...
  2. G

    should DC continue the process ?

    DC wants to join services and he wants to apply for both USNA and USMA. He also wants to apply for NROTC scholarship. We just found out food allergy will result DQ for the military. He has milk allergy (IgE 3 3.51-17.5 High Level) and he has been avoiding milk since early childhood. It...
  3. TylerVsAROTC

    Confirming College Admission with a Potential DQ

    Hey everyone! Recently, I found out that I was awarded a 3 YR AROTC Scholarship to my #1 pick University. However, the deadline to confirm admission to that University is on May 1, and I will be unable to pay tuition without the financial aid from the Scholarship. Last year, I was prescribed...
  4. J

    DQ-History of Food Allergies

    I am an aspiring AROTC student and I was DQ'd for history of food allergies. As a kid, I had a tree nut allergy, but not a peanut allergy (ironically, I'm addicted to peanut butter to this day). However, I have mostly grown out of my tree nut allergies, except for cashew nuts, which I am still...