1. THParent

    Army/Navy game - USNA uniform

    See the whole thing (with the background info for the choices) here:
  2. jcobbdawg

    Norwich University Parent info

    DS was awarded the National Scholarship and will be attending this fall at Norwich for the Corps of Cadets and football. I know he can get the room and board scholarship with it and because I am a disabled veteran will get DEA stipen as well. My only concern is keeping up to date on information...
  3. K

    DS - Qualified academically, medically, and physically; 3Q on NWL

    I'm new to this forum, but see much valuable information. My DS just received great news today that he is medically qualified making him 3Q; Qualified academically, medically, and physically. The DoDMERB process went much faster than we ever expected so thrilled with that. Several weeks ago...
  4. G

    Contacting my Field Force Representative

    First, a West Point Cadet held a meeting a Gibbons to talk about West Point life etc. and he said to contact your Field Force Representative as well as your regional admissions team. I want to do this to get my name out there but I'm not sure what the best way is to do this. I am currently in my...
  5. G

    Early Acceptance for Sports?

    The linebacker for our football team committed to going to West Point around July or August before his Senior year (He had already been accepted). I'm looking at the application timeline that West Point has and it says that you should receive an official offer of submission anywhere from...
  6. C

    Beat Navy

    I want to get your guys opinion on this year's Army VS. Navy football game.
  7. M

    Varsity sports question

    Hello! In the past, I've done two individual varsity sports (I didn't receive letters in them) and I'm contemplating between either doing Lacrosse or Football next where I know I'll receive a letter. I have non-varsity experience in both sports and I enjoy playing them a lot. The R.A.N.D. A.A.S...
  8. ktnatalk

    Call your Midshipmen Today!

    Today is the first day Mids can order all football home games (Air Force in Annapolis on 7 Oct) and the Army Navy Game in Philly on 9 Dec. Time to give them a call! Don't wait! GO NAVY!!! BEAT EVERYONE!!!
  9. Gonavyusna

    Proficiency in ball sports recommended for the Naval Academy?

    I received an appointmet just today to the Naval Academy, with my LoA arriving on just the second of this month. Though I am very physically active (preparing for State Swim Championships coming this weekend, among others) I have no experience in ball sports (basketball, baseball, volleyball...