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    Parents on A Day

    at the end of BCT, on A Day, can my family come for the parade and to visit for the day?
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    Luggage VS Backpack for I-Day

    I am slightly confused on the packing for I Day. There are 3 separate areas on my Inprocessing Checklist: Items to hand-carry inside the manila envelope, Items to hand-carry on your person (wearing on your person, in your wallet/billfold, or in a small bag or tote), and Items to pack in your...
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    Majors and Courses

    Do fourth class cadets select their courses and majors before their first year, or are your first courses selected for you? Like foreign language. I notice that foreign language is a core course that everyone has to take, but how is it decided what foreign language you’re going to take? Does...
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    Future Kings Pointer

    I recently received my appointment here on my second stab at it. That being so, I have a year of university and ROTC under my belt. Being my second go around, I have found out the distinctions of the USMMA in that time, but I'm sure there are many more 'traditions' or other quirky things that...