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    Been selected for nrotc mo and have to complete dodmerb exam in the near future. Wanted to see if anyone had experience with a DQ for GERD. I was diagnosed with GERD about a year back and took medication for a month and haven’t had any issues since. Based off Dodmerb 6130.03 1) History of...
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    Advice on Medical DQ Conditions

    Hey everyone, I was notified by my RC that I had two DQ conditions—GERD with complications and choledochocyst—that are preventing me from obtaining a medical waiver. I had already sent in a doctor's letter telling them that I already saw a specialist in 2013 and that I was treated successfully...
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    Do I have a disqualifying condition? - GERD

    I have GERD, which is a stomach/digestive issue. I believed it was disqualifying for the past few years, but just today I read that it is no longer disqualifying if it is controlled. I take medicine for my condition, and as such, it does not affect me at all. It is completely controlled and it...