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    College Applicant with a Complex Situation (i.e. Scoliosis, glasses, bad grades)

    Hello service academy forums, my situation is complex. I am an 18 year old, female senior, in high school and I discovered the service academies in March of my junior year (2022). I had no idea what they were and had never heard of them. After doing some intense research into them, I knew this...
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    Glasses During Plebe Summer

    I’m excited to join the class of 2025, and I’ve been reading lots of information about plebe summer on the forums, and through mids both in and out of the academy. However, the mids I know all never had to wear glasses, so I have a big question: how is it wearing the issued glasses during plebe...
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    Medical History: Followup Contacts/Glasses

    Hello - Can someone offer advice on how to complete this page. ( Medical History: Followup Contacts/Glasses ) I started wearing glass around age 6 when I was in school and the teacher thought I might need glasses. It ask how many times occurred.. and for each "instance" the date, physician...
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    Hi all I was notified today that DODMERB has found me qualified for my Marine NROTC program. However, during the eye exam I remember the optometrist saying I was near sighted and needed glasses (my civilian doctor disagreed, but that isn't as important). When DODMERB says I am qualified, does...
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    Getting Glasses

    Hi y’all I have completed my DODMERB eye and physical exams for Marine option NROTC. During the eye exam, my doctor said I am slightly nearsighted in one eye and have a small astigmatism, which he said shouldn’t be a problem. I always thought I had 20/20 vision and I’ve never had glasses. I...
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    DODMERB eye test

    Hi, I just had a quick question. Are you not allowed to wear contacts to your eye exam? I heard that you were supposed to not have contacts in for 2 or 3 days before the test, or they do not administer it. Is this true? Thank you.
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    Contacts for Medical Exam

    I wear contacts. I’ve already had my optometric exam. I know I don’t have to remove them 3 days prior for the medical exam, but am I allowed to wear them to the medical exam? Or do I have to wear my glasses? It doesn’t say anything about this on the dodmets website so I assume it’s ok. Just...