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    Military Discipline at USNA

    So I attend a Military High School, and while I've been waiting these past few months to hear back from USNA, I've been dissatisfied with the level of discipline at my school. No one has any respect, the officers can't do much to really punish kids, and so the morale of the place has gone way...
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    Navy asked for my AP scores?

    So I have not received an appointment (still Complete Pending Review) and out of the blue the admissions office emails me asking for my AP score sheet. I sent it in, but it's left me baffled. Is this a good sign? All my AP scores are either 3's or 4's (I've taken 3 AP classes so far) and this is...
  3. USNAismyplace

    USNA Bound: My story, and do I have a chance?

    I am a female sophomore in high school with my eyes on the prize: USNA. I have a 4.29 GPA, national honor society member, am active with community service, member of an elite tennis training squad and very strong athlete, #1 player on the school varsity tennis team and soon-to-be-captain...