1. S

    Plebe Summer- Natural Hair Styles for Black Women

    Hello! I know for plebe summer, girls are expected to cut their hair to chin-length. But, I wanted to confirm that girls (especially black/mixed girls) are not allowed to have their hair 2 inches from their scalp? If so, what do most black girls with natural hair to with their hair during plebe...
  2. U

    USAFA hair female cadets

    Hi! So the consensus seems to be that you don’t need to cut your hair for BCT if you can figure out how to manageably put it up within regulation. However, I’m more curious about the percentage of female cadets during the academic year that actually have hair short enough to wear down, and...
  3. Maplerock

    Should regulation be the same for all?

    Another thread inspired this. It asked should girls bring hair dryers to BCT?. You won't see parents of males asking that. Hair for females has consistently been allowed to be longer over the past 15 years. This thread is just food for thought, not meant to inflame. Recently a push has been...