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    Usafa Nursing

    Hello I am a senior in highschool trying to figure out what to do about in the Airforce Academy. I have had my mind set on nursing as of now but I am confused with the whole process, I know the case my does not offer nursing as a major and I have looked at the USAFA requirements for healthcare...
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    ROTC to Medical School

    I am currently a high school student attempting to plan out my general career education plan. I have been interested in military service for several years now, and am also looking to have tuition paid for through programs of the US military (air force). While I am not opposed to serving some...

    Medical Field Options for AFROTC Cadet Majoring in Human Bio

    Hello, I am currently a student majoring in Human Biology at UC Santa Cruz and a first-year AFROTC cadet at San Jose State University. I want to pursue a career in the medical field, however, when looking over the medical jobs that the AF provides are all mainly professional and require the...