hearing loss

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    What should my physician address in a letter?

    I was DQ'ed for high-frequency hearing loss in one ear (very minor btw). My ENT doctor told me it is not a problem at all and that he does not ever see it being an issue for service or life in general. It is not progressive and is only at a very high frequency so it pretty much just means I...
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    Another hearing loss question (with testing #'s)

    If a candidate has permanent hearing loss in one ear of about 70 db (so twice the threshold as I understand it) at 3,000 hz and above, how likely is it that the candidate would be able to obtain a waiver? The other ear is essentially perfect.
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    Need help. Medical disqualification

    Dear all, Finally last week my DD got medically DQ and her last 5-year-long dream (since 8th grade) was shattered in a moment. Although the WestPoint portal hasn't been updated yet, she got this info via her regional command channel. She had everything green and the WestPoint Academy initiated...