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    Need help. Medical disqualification

    Dear all, Finally last week my DD got medically DQ and her last 5-year-long dream (since 8th grade) was shattered in a moment. Although the WestPoint portal hasn't been updated yet, she got this info via her regional command channel. She had everything green and the WestPoint Academy initiated...
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    Waiver/Procedure Question

    I am requesting insight into a strange situation after having conducted my general medical exam today. First, off, I am enlisted in the military. I have gone through MEPS before and have also passed a flight physical exam with flying colors. With that in mind, I went to a civilian doctor for my...
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    Hearing DQ

    Hi! I intend on enrolling in Army ROTC this Fall as a freshman. I already started my dodmerb as I was initially applying to USMA, but I have a DQ for my right ear. I can only hear 25% ish in it, but my other ear makes up for it and meets Army regulations, according to my ear surgeon who did some...
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    Hearing Waivers?

    I completed my application and DODmerb around mid-December. However I failed the hearing exam - I've had minor hearing loss since I was about 5. It's not that big of an issue, as I have gotten great grades and excelled in school (ranked 6 of 331). My SATs were average- 1250 2 part 690 M, 560...