1. K

    Naval Aviators?

    Coast Guard pilots/aviators do earn their "wings of gold," so I am told. Are they considered "naval aviators" in the way that Navy and USMC pilots are? I've heard that they are considered "maritime aviators" from this forum before. From what I understand, Coast Guard pilots conduct ship...
  2. B

    Helicopter Pilots License-USNA

    My whole life I have wanted to be in the Marine Corp. I found out years ago (I just turned 15) that the way I wanted to accomplish this was the USNA. More specifically, I want to be a Helicopter Pilot. Lately I have been doing a lot of research about if having your license before you apply to an...
  3. T

    Army ROTC aviation

    I am currently a senior in high school and i am in the process of getting a scholarship through ROTC to attend embry riddle. It has been my dream to be a helicopter pilot in the Army. The issue I am running into is that flight fees are around another $20,000-$40,000 on top of regular tuition. I...
  4. craiyan2

    Jets and Helos

    Hi- I'm looking into prospective careers in the navy. It is my hope that I become an aviator in the navy, or a pilot in the airforce. I was wondering if there was enough job mobility in the navy to transition from being a fighter pilot to a helicopter pilot. The reason I am asking is because...