1. H

    Barbarians BCT Heritage

    I’m working as a cadre for USAFA BCT in Barbarians. I was wondering if any grads knew more history about the patch, specifically what the HH means. I know the patch is based on a sign at Jacks Valley a few years back, but don’t know what the HH stands for on the sign and now the patch. Any...
  2. U

    What year was this old USNA photo taken?

    Hi!! I would like to know what year this photo was taken!! Can anybody help me!? Thank you so much!! :)
  3. afrotc2022

    AFROTC Flight Name

    Hi Y'all! I am an AS100, Freshman AFROTC Cadet. The Cadet Wing Staff at my detachment has given us some pretty tight guidelines for picking a name for our flights (I'm in Alpha flight): the name needs to match our flight (i.e. start with an "A") and be the name of an inactive/historic Air Force...
  4. B

    Most notable military generals/leaders, theorists, and strategists of all time in history?

    Who are the very best historical figures (generals, nation leaders, statesmen, monarchs, philosophers, military theorists) to study from in terms of leadership, strategy, tactics (in modern conventional warfare, siege warfare, maneuver warfare, guerrilla warfare, sea, air, etc.), different types...
  5. M

    Ho Chi Minh Trail at USNA

    Looking for what the tunnel system underneath USNA was called before the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Also any stories from your time exploring them. Thanks!
  6. USNAismyplace

    USNA War Flags Rediscovered

    Here is a great article by USNA History Professor BJ Armstrong on the history behind the Korean flags found hidden behind War of 1812 flags in Mahan Hall. https://warontherocks.com/2018/01/united-states-korea-rediscovering-artifacts-naval-past/