1. 9

    Tricare 708

    Newly commissioned 2LTs awaiting BOLC without insurance coverage are eligible for Tricare 708. For more information contact: Danielle Peterson Soldier & Family Programs Cadet Command 502-624-7219
  2. KReiland

    DS is now a 2nd Lt in USAF

    Hello all, My son is heading for his first base in a few weeks, his EAD is in June. First, thanks for all the information you all were willing to share with us over the last four years. Though mainly a lurker, I learned alot about military life through your posts. I've also been lurking on a...
  3. 0

    Insurance Question

    Current Mid at the Academy- I need to have my nose repaired from an injury last fall. It's both cosmetic and functional and it's something I don't want to take to Walter-Reed. Is it possible to use my parent's insurance to be referred out to a civilian specialist? BMU doesn't have the best...