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    What varsity sports at the USNA are MID's from club/intramural sports most likely to be able to walk on for?

    I'm an incoming MIDN who is curious about playing a varsity sport, as a walk-on. Specifically, I want to walk on for the varsity basketball team, but I want to know how realistic that is, if I start off as a member of the USNA's intramural basketball team. If basketball doesn't work out, I'll...
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    Sports Question

    What is varsity navy soccer like? If I play intramural, is it possible to play varsity later? Also, are midshipmen required to play sports?
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    Sports Requirement

    So I've heard that sports are a requirement at the Academy. That I have no issue with. I've participated in two sports during my time in high school and in middle school. Lacrosse and swimming. I've earned letters on the swim team. At the Academy, I'm guessing there are varsity, intramural and...