1. Therese_In_Denver

    "ISR" NROTC Award comes with a pretty big Catch-22

    This morning, DS got a call from his NROTC recruiter saying that he must make his decision by Monday 1/6. Accept the "Immediate Scholarship Reservation" or decline the scholarship and "take his chances" waiting on USNA. This is not a case of an 18 year old misunderstanding... I was standing...
  2. I


    I got word that I had received the NROTC scholarship in early December and the phone call was pretty short just congratulation me on what I had received. My portal wasn't updated up until today and I was excited to see that the official word had been decided that I was a recipient. I just have a...
  3. M

    DEP and NROTC

    I recently started talks with a recruiter about NROTC at the beginning of the school year, and I sent in my application a few weeks ago, but am still waiting on some parts of it to be sent in. Meanwhile, my recruiter has told me that I should join the Delayed Entry Program because it will help...
  4. B

    Army ROTC 4-Year vs. NROTC ISR

    Hello all, I have received a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship to Princeton, MIT, and Cornell. I have also received a NROTC ISR scholarship (to any NROTC school I think), and I'm waiting on my AFROTC HSSP scholarship decisions to come out on 12/23. I have to accept/decline my Army ROTC scholarship...
  5. H

    Anyone understand NROTC Scholarship "Top Selects"...?

    I read about "Top Selects" in an official NROTC document, but can't find anything else online about it. The paragraph in the document is a bit confusing. It sounds like after all the selection boards are complete, they identify the top 10% of scholarship recipients based on a selection score...
  6. D

    Awarded ISR, but portal still says I'm missing several items - what to do...?

    DS was awarded an ISR from the NRD (NTAG) CO, but as of today, his application status suggests that the NROTC coordinator has still not submitted required items (evals, transcripts, SOU, drug statement, etc.) and time is obviously running out. Unsure of our best next steps here given he was...

    NROTC ISR - Impact on Academy Appointments

    My DS has been invited to an Immediate Scholarship Reservation (ISR) interview. If that goes well - and he meets the requirements - it is my understanding that he could be offered an ISR - which is a binding contract to accept the Navy ROTC Scholarship. My question is - how does / would this...
  8. ProudDad17

    NROTC ISR approval process

    My DS was approved for an NROTC ISR scholarship back in the first part of September, but he has not received anything officially confirming it. Since then his portal status has changed a few times. As of early last week the status reads that no decision has been made at this time and lists...
  9. N

    NROTC ISR Interview

    Hi I was recently contacted by my Scholarship Coordinator and they told me that I had an ISR Interview coming up. For those that have gone through the ISR interview before, is it anything like the first Officer Interview? Is there anything different that I personally have to do/bring before I...