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    Joining ROTC next year

    I know it would just be like signing up for a class right? Should I contact the schools rotc program and send them an email or a text saying I plan on enrolling in the fall or should I just sign up for the class with no heads up?
  2. J

    Rejoining AROTC

    I received a 3 year AD high school scholarship this last fall and started taking classes in the fall. After a few weeks of school I made the decision to drop out of the AROTC program at my school for personal reasons. Now that the second semester is starting I’m now regretting my decision to...
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    Soon to be graduating college student

    Hi there, I'm a soon to be graduating college student (receiving my Bachelor's) and I am highly considering joining the Air Force. I'm majoring in Adapted Physical Education. I'd like to know how my major may affect what I will do in the Air Force. I would like to end up flying "heavies", but I...