kings point

  1. J

    Black Flag

    Any reason that the class of 2024 is getting blackflagged? Heard from towards the top they're gonna have to ride this one out. Has this happened in recent years prior?
  2. AKFutureFrogman21'

    New Major

    Hello, I’m a reapplicant to the class of 2024. I recently started the application process again by filling out part 1. Whilst putting in my preference of major, I noticed a drop down option for Electric Power. Is USMMA exploring adding a new “Electric Power” major? Or was this a typo? Or am I...
  3. KPButterflyer


    Hello! What kind of watch would be nice to bring along? I thought it would help me keep time after workouts, but I was stuck on exactly whether a smartwatch model or a normal watch would be better.
  4. birdwatcher4125

    Admissions Officer Interview

    Hello All! Just wondering. Do the Kings Point Admissions Officers interview candidates like West Point, Annapolis and Air Force Academy do? Or are candidate interviews not a a normal thing for them? I can't seem to find any information about USMMA candidate interviews on this site, their site...
  5. cousmma5280

    US Merchant Marine Academy Admissions-Summer Open House Invitation-August 3, 2018

    On behalf of the Superintendent, Faculty, Administration, and Staff, I wish to invite you to the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy for our Summer Open House. We will be providing information on our academics, regimental life, training, support programs, and career opportunities. In addition, we will...
  6. birdwatcher4125

    Wisconsin Homeschooler wants to compete for USMMA, Class of 2023

    I've read repeatedly that the Air Force Academy is supposedly the most welcoming to homeschool candidates (provided they're actually qualified), and that Annapolis & West Point will accommodate qualified homeschooled applicants as well. But, I've not read anything that discusses how...
  7. K

    General Questions for 2021

    Hi there! I'm a current 2020 at KP and I'm here for any questions you may have. Just a few things: I'll be on here when I can since life here is pretty packed, I'll try to answer questions to the best I can or get the answer if I don't know, and lastly this is for 2021 candidates/parents NOT a...
  8. 2

    Seeking advice from setbacks/withdrawn MIDN, and all USMMA folks:

    I was a member of the USMMA class of 2020, right around 1 st tri midterms of this (plebe) year, I got injured, had surgery on my knee and got set back. I’m at home now, healing and will be taking classes at a local college to get some ancillary credits finished (calc, chemistry, English, econ...
  9. N

    Need some advice

    Hello SAF! I'm a junior in high school, and I'm trying to attend Kings Point. My family runs deep in the maritime trade and its one of my goals to get into it. As a sophomore and a freshman, I did not really care too much about grades, mainly because I didnt know what I wanted to do with my...