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    Is there any way I can reach contact with MullenLE

    When my earlier post was posted mentioning my brain injury, someone said that MullenLE (Larry Mullen) would be a good person to communicate with as he knows a lot of information on DoDMERB. I also looked through old threads with similar cases as me, and he was able to support and provide...
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    Hey everyone. I recently was listed as DQ by single disqualification on DoDMERB. The codes used to disqualify me were D211.50 and D211.52. The specific reason was for a concussion I had at age 3 (2007). With this injury, I had a skull fracture, but the code used only seemed to cite “brain...
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    Present Health Questionnaire

    Good Evening. I am a reapplicant for the class of 2026 of USNA. I was previously medically disqualified, but received a waiver. I am in the process of being reapproved by DoDMERB and am filling out the Present Health Questionnaire. I am in the same health as I was last year, however, earlier...