1. P

    Questions on LASIK or PKR

    My daughter is currently a 4/c at USCGA who wears contacts, but she is interested in keeping her options open for flight school. She knows that LASIK or PKR are options, and she is already planning to make an appointment with the optometrist to make sure she is a good candidate for one or both...
  2. N

    Corrective eye surgery questions

    Does anybody know if the U.S. Naval Academy allows prior corective eye surgery like PRK or LASIK? If so, do they require waivers? Are they hard to get? Can I become a pilot with it?
  3. tuckthemuck

    AFROTC PRK Surgery Timing

    Hello Everyone, Apologies if this has already been posted. To start, my goal in life is to fly in the United States Air Force. I am a cadet in AFROTC as an AS100(first year). My eyesight is pretty bad at -4.00, so I need laser eye surgery. I found out recently that I am not a candidate for...