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    For those who went to West Point, what was your experience like?

    For those who have went to West Point, if you graduated or not, what was your experiences like? Was it difficult or do you just need to be responsible? What is life like on campus?
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    Why did you choose a service academy?

    I am thinking about applying to a SA, more specifically USAFA. I've done quite a bit of research and know a lot about the SA experience because I used to live right outside of Annapolis. Now I live somewhere I have a much better chance of getting a nomination, because barely anyone here knows...
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    How close to th action are pilots?

    Hello! I'm trying to decide between USAFA and USNA (a good problem to have, but an incredibly difficult decision) and wanted to get some experienced input on how close to the action I would be as a pilot in the Navy. And, well, what are my chances of being selected for a pilot slot? I'm leaning...
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    How close to the action/excitement are you in AF?

    Hello all! I'm trying to decide between USAFA and USNA, and wanted to ask: how close to the action are you in the AF? Are there many exciting missions, or is it a lot of training and transport missions? I'd really appreciate some responses from both those with experience with heavies and...
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    What is like after the academy like in the Air Force vs. Navy?

    I’m honored to have been accepted to both USAFA class of 2024 and USNA class of 2024. I want to go ahead and commit in a timely manner so I can ‘free up a spot’ for another deserving student. Here’s the thing: I know that you should choose an academy based not upon which college you like more...