1. V

    Submitting Additional LOR’s after Application Submission

    Is there any way possible to include an additional LOR after submitting the Naval Academy application? I submitted my app this month after contacting certain teachers to fill out an LOR. A teacher just reached back out saying they would do it, but since you need to submit their email in the...
  2. U

    Nomination, SAT Essay, and LOR Confusion

    Hello, I am currently a senior applying to USMA and I have three things I'm confused about. First, I am still very confused about how nominations work. I have already secured a JROTC Nomination and have applied for my congressional ones as well because I read that having more than one...
  3. birdwatcher4125

    Letters of Recommendation (Academies, Congressional & ROTC)

    When DS asks a person to write him a Letter of Recommendation for the Congressmen, the four Academies and the three ROTC scholarships, should he ask for a single letter that he can copy that is generically written about DS wanting to "serve as an officer in our armed forces", or should he ask...
  4. purechaos78

    Getting Ahead on Letters of Recommendation

    Hey everyone, I had a couple of questions regarding letters of recommendation. As of now, I am labeled as a competitive pre-candidate (I know this means nothing). Given that I am hopeful to be moved onto the candidate stage sometime in July, I wanted to begin seeking letters of recommendation...