major change

  1. BeastHunter

    Changing to a different Technical Major in AFROTC

    Hello, I am currently on a Type 1 AFROTC scholarship with a Computer Science degree. However, I am not sure how future semesters will go due to not having much experience with programming. I was planning on switching to a Biochemistry and Biophysics major instead, since I am much more confident...
  2. W

    Major-related questions

    Hi, so I'm applying to the 3 ROTC programs, and had a question about majors. Most of my extracurriculars are related to earth science or math/CS, but I became interested in medicine after a summer camp and working as a research assistant. However, I would like the chance to explore in my...
  3. J

    AROTC Major

    Hello all, I just received an AFROTC type 7 scholarship as a foreign language major. I'm wondering, can I only switch between languages within my foreign language major, or can I also switch to a non-technical major? If I must stick with a foreign language, can I double major in college (i.e...
  4. afrotc2022

    AFROTC Scholarship: Tech to Non-Tech. Has anyone done it?

    Has anyone out there in the forum ever tried to switch from tech to non-tech on an AFROTC scholarship? I'm considering asking to switch and would like to hear from some people with some first-hand experience on what I should/shouldn't do when it comes to how I present the idea to Cadre and how...