marijuana use

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    Marijuana use and the DoDMERB

    Before I go any further, I want to state that I know I have made a grave mistake (several, in fact). I am prepared to be disqualified and I understand that my actions will have consequences. However, I would also very much like to not be disqualified and I believe that I have grown since my...
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    Prior Marijuana Usage

    Around a year ago, I applied for USAFA. On the DoDMERB I took at the time, they asked about prior marijuana usage. I put no, as that was the truth at the time. However, I did not get into the Academy. After that I did not have a desire to reapply for USAFA after and thought that was the end...
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    Prior Marijuana use, how much does it hurt?

    I know it says prior marijuana use isn't a disqualifier. But let's be real, it will make the already rigorous admissions process more difficult. Integrity first is an Air Force core value so of course, i'll report it. How much does this hurt me, whether it was legal or illegal?
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    Smoked weed once, will I be disqualified?

    Hello, About a week ago, I was out with a friend on a day where I was extremely stressed and going through a lot in my personal life. As we were together, he suggested I get high with him to help myself calm down. Stupidly, I agreed. I did not know how to say no to him, but I also just made a...