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    NROTC Dilemma: Navy vs Marines

    So I will preface this by saying that I want to fly fixed wing aircraft for the Naval service (I know about the "needs of the Navy" but I want to make the decision that gives me the best chance at fixed-wing). I have opened my NROTC scholarship application and am having a difficult time choosing...
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    NROTC MO Minorities

    Just a quick question for anyone who has insight into the NROTC MO Program. Does the Marine Corps still have a specific number of minority applicants they aim to put on scholarship? I read somewhere that in 2010 they were supposed to give around 99 scholarships to Minorities. Thank you in advance!
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    Recent USNA Graduates please help- USNA vs Marine Corps NROTC

    I have had the honor of recently being notified that I have both received a nomination and appointment to attend USNA class of 2021. I see this as a huge blessing but the more I research the Naval Academy, the more negative perspectives and opinions I come into contact with. I have also received...