med school

  1. B

    Biology/med school related at USNA?

    Hey everyone, I'm a USNA 2026 appointee. I know that USNA does not have a biology major, but I am wondering if anyone knows about the biochemistry major that they are working on. I would like to study biology (I am also interested in other majors at USNA, so it's not a completely definitive...
  2. C

    USAFA vs. USMA for Med School

    Hello all, I am currently applying to both the USMA and USAFA for class of 2026. I am currently interested in a career in the medical field. As of right now, I am trying to find the best option between USAFA and USMA in terms of chances of being able to enter Medical School right out of the...
  3. usma23apache

    No idea (well, some) what I want to do post college and rotc

    To get straight to the point, my ultimate goal in life is to be a physician. I'm in rotc with a 4 year scholarship, and I know that I could have the army pay for med school too. That would however require a much greater time commitment to the army that wouldn't begin until after residency when I...
  4. C

    Ed Delay

    As a MS III if you have already gotten early admission to medical school can you get an ed delay to start working with the Health Recruiters? The health recruiter mentioned that I would not be able to process any paperwork for the health professional scholarship without the ed delay. Any advice...