medical disenrollment

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    MS3 just diagnosed with Factor V Leiden- med disqualification?

    Hi, I'm currently an MS3 at my university. I'm an SMP drilling cadet which was part of my rotc minuteman scholarship and I was just diagnosed with Factor V Leiden, a blood clotting disorder. I turned my paperwork in on January 16th so it's been about 6 weeks since submitting my paperwork to...
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    Medically Disqualifying, Yr 3/4

    I recently recieved a memorandum disenrolling me for ROTC for “pulmonary embolism” as a disqualifying condition from Hughes, MG Commanding. (After only a medical review on paper.) I had a pulmonary embolism over a year ago after I contracted but after temporary anticoagulation and surgical...
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    Medical Dis-enrollement Process?

    I am a 4th year cadet (3 yr scholarship). I injured my hip at a voluntary weekend ROTC obstacle in my 1st year but recovered fine after 8 weeks. But then re-injured in my 3rd year (right before school began, so really right before my 3rd year.) I did not go to camp between my 3rd/4th year...