medical school

  1. izz

    USAFA to Med School then becoming a Pilot Physician

    Hello! I was hoping to get some information on the specific details in becoming a pilot physician. I just started my application to USAFA'26 in hopes of admissions and graduating with a bachelor's in Biology then going off to medical school. When I finish I would like to go to pilot training...
  2. H

    ROTC to Medical School

    I am currently a high school student attempting to plan out my general career education plan. I have been interested in military service for several years now, and am also looking to have tuition paid for through programs of the US military (air force). While I am not opposed to serving some...
  3. 6

    New 68W NG interested in Guard ROTC & Medical School

    Hi, everyone, I’m a new service member mom, my 17 years old high school senior DD just joined 68W National Guard and will start her first drill this month. While all her friends are getting ready for applying college, she told me that she doesn’t need to apply since she will be going to BCT...
  4. ashwolf22101

    Medical School After USMA

    I am very interested in USMA in regards to attending medical school afterwards. I am a female high school Junior. I have submitted my SLE applicantion and taken the SAT and planning to take many more. May be thinking too ahead, but does anybody have experience or advice with the medical school...
  5. H

    ROTC and Gap Year for Med School

    So I am going into my last year and a half of schooling (doing 4.5 years and then commissioning), And I have a question regarding doing a gap year. I am looking to apply to medical schools however my advisors have encouraged me to take a gap year in order to bolster my application. So my...
  6. ktnatalk

    Borrow or Serve?

    Many service academy candidates are interested in attending medical school upon graduation - serving those who serve and serving in the medical field. How does a "free" med school compare with borrowing? What are the paths? A recent article was published by the Uniformed Services University...

    Medical Field Options for AFROTC Cadet Majoring in Human Bio

    Hello, I am currently a student majoring in Human Biology at UC Santa Cruz and a first-year AFROTC cadet at San Jose State University. I want to pursue a career in the medical field, however, when looking over the medical jobs that the AF provides are all mainly professional and require the...
  8. N

    USNA best path to Navy Doc?

    My daughter is confident about one thing, she wants to be a Navy Doctor. She doesn't know if the best path is through USNA, NROTC, or waiting until after UG and then signing up once she's been admitted to the med school of her choice. We have received conflicting info from recruiters at college...