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    Waiver or Automatically DQ'ed for checked psych boxes? - USAFA

    TRIGGER WARNING: self-injury, suicide, mental illness My son (currently 14 years old in 8th grade) really wants to attend USAFA after graduation. He is working hard to make himself a competitive applicant (for example, he chose advanced geometry, Spanish, and cyber security as his "electives"...
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    Disenrolled from ROTC for undesired character, can I still commission? What are my options?

    Thanks all for stopping by team. Before I get into specifics (I wont go too in depth to protect my identity), I want to say I completely and royally messed up. It is my fault I was disenrolled, they were my actions, no-one else's. Simply posting this to see what my options are, and to get some...
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    A Complicated ARI for NROTC MIDN

    Hey everyone, I am a MIDN 4/C marine option, (on scholarship) and I had a pretty wild weekend and need some guidance. I had purchased 12 beers Friday night, and on Saturday night after navy won, I gave my friend a beer. he had gone through a breakup previously but as the night went on, he...
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    Will I be automatically DQ?

    Hi there, I recently became "Board Ready" under my ROTC Cadet Command scholarship status! However, I feel as if my chances are slim of getting the scholarship. Even though the chances don't seem to high, I've decided to look at "next steps," just in case. DoDMERB is definitely on that list...
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    Bipolar roommate?

    Hey everyone, I’m a USNA midshipman class of ‘22 and... my roommate lately has been acting very strangely. First off she’s failing all but 3 classes. Seconds, she never does her part in the room, and stays up all hours of the night doing weird things like folding clothes and doing her nails and...
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    ADHD and ROTC- possible DQ?

    Hello, I have been reading and noticed a lot going back and forth based on if I needed a waiver or if I would even be DQ based on where I read. Hopefully you can give me a more clear answer on whether this is something I should continue to pursue. I was prescribed some sort of ADHD meds(I think...
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    Life after Medical separation

    I was medically separated from USNA for depression in January. Since then, I have started school at a new university and have good grades and everything, began antidepressants and counseling, but I am completely haunted by my failure. I have found myself isolated and unable to move on and I...