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    Reason Behind NROTC Calculus&Physics Requirement?

    Hello all, The title here is fairly self-explanatory. I am a NROTC midshipman in his second year, on a 4-year scholarship contract. As someone who is not the greatest at math and science (read: calculus and calculus-based physics), I am quite worried about how NROTC will play out. My question...
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    NROTC Ranks and Promotions

    Hello, I am a high school senior who will be attending SDSU as a Marine Option Midshipman under the NROTC scholarship. I am wondering how the ranks work. Are there opportunities besides moving up to the next school year to get promoted? How does one become an Midshipman Officer? Also, do these...
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    NROTC Drop On Request - Help!!

    Hello everyone, I am a senior mechanical engineering student and 1/C midshipman on a 2 yr side load scholarship. Up until recently, I had dreams of serving as a nuclear officer onboard a submarine. However, I desperately want to drop out of NROTC as soon as possible. My grandmother (who...