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  1. usmausmausmausma

    Questions About Noms and LOAs

    Hey everyone, just had a few questions about nominations for those who hold LOAs... I know that the typical routine for questioning is first to try and peruse the forum for answers. However, in my case, I am still pretty confused even after doing this, so I thought to ask my questions here and...
  2. G

    MOC Competitive Slate - when does the music stop to see who gets a chair?

    Hi all, first time poster! I was told by admissions I'm ranked #1 in the Congressional District by only a handful of WCS points. Do I have to wait until Jan 31st to see if anyone overtakes me with WCS points (assuming I continue to strengthen my file), why can't USMA just cut the appointment...
  3. S

    NWL and MOC Who Doesn't Rank

    Hey guys, I was notified that I am on the NWL. I've heard this means I didn't get the slot for my MOC's slate, but I read on this forum that with a MOC who doesn't rank candidates, such as mine, all of the candidates in my MOC slate are placed on NWL and the one who gets selected for the slot is...