naps class of 2019

  1. N

    Current NAPSter, taking questions

    Hey everyone, I am currently a NAPSter (applied for class of 2022, am now Navy CO 2023) and I got appointed here around this time last year. I remember being thouroughly confused about NAPS and I did not figure out anything until actually going through it. I would have loved to have known a...
  2. L

    NAPS Letter?

    Sorry if this has been posted deep in this forum somewhere, but I've been accepted for the NAPS class of 2019/USNA class of 2023! My question is, do you receive a letter in the mail about the steps for accepting the offer and everything it entails? I've gotten the email but wasn't sure if there...
  3. BurntENDZ

    MOC Strong Recommendation to NAPS

    DS did not receive nom from MOC. However, the MOC letter indicated that they were "strongly recommending" DS to NAPS. Does the recommendation help?