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  1. R

    Air vs Army National Guard into ROTC?

    tl;dr Which Is Better? Army National Guard → Army ROTC or Air National Guard → Air Force ROTC The two main goals I have in the future are: Completing College With As Little Student Loans As Possible Commission As An Officer In The Military In Cyber/Signal I've spoken to both Air and Army...
  2. 6

    Will a conditional release from NG to Active affect my class of 2026 application?

    Good morning! For some context: all of my COC references and commander nomination are from my guard unit. My COC has no issue releasing me into active duty, but we were wondering if this would cause any conflict in my application. From my understanding West Point pulls from different candidate...
  3. E

    ROTC and National Guard

    Hi, I am going to talk to a recruiter soon, but I was wondering if anyone knows/has done college, ROTC, and national guard simultaneously. If this is possible, would I be released from my contract as a Gaurdsman if I were to receive an appointment to USMA? If I do not receive an appointment...
  4. Midwestern111

    What is it like joining AROTC your sophomore year?

    Hello all, I am planning on enlisting in the National Guard in the next few months (split option training) and I am also interested in AROTC at my school as an SMP cadet. Can anyone give me insight as to what it's like joining as a sophomore when most join as a freshman? How is being an SMP...
  5. Midwestern111

    How dumb of an idea is it to join the Nat Guard/ Navy Reserve just to get into the academy easier?

    Pretty much the title, I know a guy is who is at MAPS and he swears this is the way to go about it.
  6. J

    When to get DD 368 for ROTC?

    Since my last thread didn't garner any answers, I'm trying to ask a more broad question about my situation. At what point do AROTC students serving in reserve components of the military need to acquire a dd386 from their service? Is it as soon as they start taking ROTC classes? After their...
  7. K

    Question about NG Minuteman Scholarship

    I have a question about the tuition fee assistance offered to enlisted personal of the MAANG. I am an ROTC Cadet with the 4 year “minuteman” scholarship, and enlisted as an 09R in the guard. I did not go to basic or AIT, but attend drill monthly as this is part of my SMP scholarship contract. I...
  8. A

    Commanders Assesment

    My DS is an ANG member in the Split Ops program, he completed BCT this past summer. My DS has completed his application with the exception of his Commanders Assessment. We are hoping his assessment is completed by the 31st. When my DS enlisted in March they told him he could apply to USMA...
  9. I

    DD form 1966

    Greetings, This is my first time posting here so I'm not sure the proper protocol per se, but I've been a browser for months trying to find answers to all of my questions. I finally have a stumper. I was offered admittance and full 4 year scholarship in the ECP, or early commissioning program...
  10. S

    Enlisted to West Point

    I am looking for some insight from Soldier applicants who gained direct admission to USMA. Some background: I had an unimpressive ACT score (28), HS GPA and class rank (3.4, probably around the 50 percentile class rank). Enlisted in the Army NG, flipped the switch and started crushing my...
  11. C

    Minuteman Guaranteed Reserve Forces Scholarship - 4- and 3- year

    I serve as a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) and one of the coolest parts of the volunteer role is that I get to an allotment of Minuteman scholarships. These scholarships are similar to the 4- and 3-year national scholarships except they require a commission in the Guard or...
  12. M

    National Guard and ROTC

    Sorry if these questions seem silly, but our family is new to the military world and some of the information we’ve received has been confusing and at times conflicting, so I was hoping the forum could help simplify the info and break it down into terms I understand. :) My son is currently a...
  13. C

    Guarantee Active Duty?

    I'm an MSIII cadet in Army ROTC. I know some scholarships are guaranteed National Guard and Reserves. Are there any scholarships that are guaranteed active? PS I am already contracted. Can I get that contract changed to guaranteed active duty if that option exists?
  14. M

    Possible DQ?

    Hello, I'm an MSII at my AROTC Battalion, in the process of getting my NG Minuteman scholarship and contracting, and this one condition I have is making me really worried about my upcoming physical in literally 2 days. I have IgA Nephropathy (Berger's Disease) and I found out about this back in...
  15. 6

    New 68W NG interested in Guard ROTC & Medical School

    Hi, everyone, I’m a new service member mom, my 17 years old high school senior DD just joined 68W National Guard and will start her first drill this month. While all her friends are getting ready for applying college, she told me that she doesn’t need to apply since she will be going to BCT...
  16. J

    Question about applying to USMA

    Can a 2 year Community College student who is in the Air National Guard Pararescue apply to USMA/West Point if he's willing to join the U.S Army? The reason he wants to join USMA is because it's a good school that can build good character physically and mentally developing strong leadership...
  17. Honey_Badger

    AMA - Accepted Soldier Candidate | Admin Kit Complete

    Ask Me Anything. I'm a Soldier Candidate (MN ARNG) for the Class of 2023, and as of today my admin kit is complete (besides the Initial Deposit and Computer/Tablet Preference). I've balanced full-time college and part-time/full-time work (most recently as a National Guard Title 32 Technician). I...
  18. C

    Cyber Security in Army question

    I am looking to possibly join the army after completing college and have a question about my options. I am majoring in cybersecurity and would like to have an MOS related to cybersecurity, such as cyber operations specialist(17C). The certifications and training you receive for that MOS would be...
  19. Honey_Badger

    Appointment Accepted - Next Steps for a Prior-Enlisted Soldier

    Good morning! I was offered (and accepted) appointment to the Academy as a prior-enlisted candidate this morning. I've been in the Minnesota National Guard as an 11B - Bradley Crewman and SAW Gunner in a Mechanized Unit for the last five years. I am also currently working at Minnesota's Joint...
  20. K

    HS ROTC ---> University ROTC

    Say a high school student was a cadet for their state's national guard or the AROTC and they were looking at some schools outside of their state. Would it be possible for them to start over again in the new state's ROTC program whether it be the AFROTC, AROTC, NROTC, etc for a chance at a needed...