national guard

  1. E

    Not Sure What to Commission

    Hello, I don't normally ask questions but I'm a sucker for info. So I am a mechanical engineer currently in Army ROTC as a 5 year scholarship kid. Going through my engineering curriculum, I have found that I enjoy Thermodynamics and converting heat to work but I also really enjoy explosives. My...
  2. A

    Air National Guard pilot slot vs Plc pilot slot vs rotc pilot slot

    Hey all, I will be heading into plc this summer as an aviation contract. However, I’m curious to know other options/ paths to becoming a pilot preferably a fixed wing one. I know for plc there is the aviation contract that guarantees you flight school contingent upon you finishing plc, but...
  3. T

    ABOLC for Nationl Guard Members

    Hello I am Commissioning in May 2018, and will be going to an ABCT (Armor Brigade Combat Team) in NC. I will be a PL for 1-120 infantry Regiment. I was curious about how housing is done for National Guard 2LTs. According to Fort Benning ABOLC website, Armor BOLC is a 6 month PCS. With that being...
  4. houtx

    Air National Guard Disqualifying Factor Confusion

    I had an over-the-phone interview with a recruiter for the AF National Guard and I said yes to having taken medication, and he said it was a disqualifying factor. He continued with if I want to move forward, then we will, or I can think about it and call back. He also said I would have to...
  5. C

    Infantry vs. Aviation Officer (National Guard)

    Hello all, I am in high school and I hope to get my commission into the ARNG through ROTC in several years. While looking through MOS's and trying to get a feel for what I want my future to look like, I decided that I want to be as hands-on and in-the-field of a PL as is possible. I recognize...
  6. L

    waiver help.

    I was recently joining Air National Guard and end up getting a new recruiter who just graduated from school and he end up telling me to confess to marijuana use (one time three years ago) and also my heart condition. I haven't had an episode since 2015 and I did testing for any sort of condition...
  7. GoArmy2023

    Prior Enlistment Applicant

    More information about prior enlisted applicants? Here are some topics I would like to know more about: -Is it true that prior enlisted soldier are reserved admission spots? - Does a reserve component contract get canceled if I get admitted to West Point? - How does being prior enlisted effect...
  8. Gabriel

    SMP Vs. Regular ROTC?

    Hi again, long time no see! I'm happy to announce that I'm underway in my third week of freshman college and have been loving the ROTC experience. Recently, the possibility of joining SMP has crossed my mind and has made me wonder what the advantages/disadvantages of joining would be as a...
  9. T

    Misdemeanor & Contracting help?

    Hey all, I am going into my MSII year coming up and just had a few questions about the enrollment forms my battalion is getting me to fill out before the upcoming semester. Basically I was arrested and charged with a DWI (BAC of 0.01) when I was 17 two years ago and all the charges were...
  10. amc

    National Guard Nomination

    Is it possible to join the National Guard while in high school so that you have another source for a nomination? If so, when would be the earliest you could join? Thanks
  11. R

    FY 19 Line Scholarships??

    Today our cadre received news that FY 19 is all supposed to get line scholarships as long as they weren't already contracted. My question is that if I'm in the national guard and awaiting SMP non-scholarship paperwork to push through, will I be able to ETS and get that line scholarship? One...
  12. J

    Is there a way out of ROTC/National Guard?

    Here is my situation. I've been in the army guard for a year and a half now and don't like it. The military is not for me and It's one of my biggest regrets. It's for some people but not me whether it's reserves or AD. I'm in college now and enrolled in ROTC taking MS1 and a PT class. my...