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  1. Montana State Army ROTC

    Turn AROTC 3yr AD Scholarship into a 4yr at Montana State

    Hello All I am happy to announce that Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, is providing a great opportunity to turn your National 3year AD into a 4 year scholarship. Where you normally would have to pay your freshman tuition before your 3yr AD scholarship kicks in your sophomore year...
  2. M


    I am currently a junior and I plan on applying for the NROTC scholarship. I am a girl and in great physical condition, I can max out in all the physical requirements required. I have run Cross Country all throughout High School and received my Varsity Letter as a softmore. I am in the top 20%...
  3. A

    3 Year AROTC National Scholarship Question

    I'm currently a freshmen at Virginia Wesleyan College with the National 3 year Army ROTC scholarship that will kick in next year. Upon being rewarded the scholarship I was informed that it will cover the entire cost of my education (Tuition, room and board) A couple buddies of mine are looking...