naval academy

  1. Semperfi1775

    Attending to USNA as Enlisted

    I am interested in becoming an Officer in the United states marine corps, the only problem is i'm a foreigner and need citizenship to attend to the USNA. I want to get citizenship when i'm 18 years old through service in the USMC for one year and i wonder if i can go to USNA and later OCS after...
  2. navygal1776

    Do introverts do well at USNA?

    I'm just curious as to whether extroverts or introverts tend do better at the Naval Academy due to the lifestyle. Introverts are not anti-social, and they're completely capable of working in groups. However introverts tend to enjoy their alone time and need time to recharge from over-stimulating...
  3. T

    Very worried

    Hello all, I am a senior applying to all the service academies, but I really worried about my chances. My unweighted GPA is a 3.3 and weighted 3.8, I am in 3 different clubs and have 10 varsity letters, am a class officer, and freshman mentor. I am still improving my ACT scores, my CFA is above...
  4. S

    Parents Role in Blue and Gold Officer Interview

    Recently I was contacted by my Blue and Gold Officer for an interview and he mentioned that he wanted my parents there. I've been looking around at different forums and this doesn't seem like an unusual request but I was curious as to what exactly he may ask my parents or why he wants them...
  5. U


    Hello, I have a couple questions about what counts as a sport. I am homeschooled and looking to attend the USNA. I also live on a 56 acre ranch in the middle of nowhere, and there aren't much opportunities for sports. I am in a 4H group, and I am part of their sharpshooters club, where I do...
  6. ktnatalk

    Plebe Summer Thoughts

    Plebe Summer is what your DD/DS make of it. There are those who cried at night and actively despised it and there are those who tried to make the best of it and tried to have fun with the experience. The most important thing is buying into the whole thing, like buying into the idea of putting...
  7. USNA.hopeful

    Will I get appointed to USNA?

    It is my dream to attend the Naval Academy. I want to be the best officer I can be. I am extremely determined. For football I lost 70 pounds in three months to move from defensive line to linebacker, and I want to be a SEAL. I am still nervous about getting accepted obviously. I want your input...
  8. S

    Civilian University to Service Academy Transfer

    So I am going to civilian college as a freshman next fall (class of 2020), and the college I am going to is my back up because I didn't make it into the Naval Academy last year. I was wondering if I would be able to transfer to the Naval Academy after my first year of civilian college...
  9. craiyan2

    Jets and Helos

    Hi- I'm looking into prospective careers in the navy. It is my hope that I become an aviator in the navy, or a pilot in the airforce. I was wondering if there was enough job mobility in the navy to transition from being a fighter pilot to a helicopter pilot. The reason I am asking is because...
  10. ktnatalk

    Center for Cyber Security Studies building

    From the newest edition of Shipmate magazine, this is what the new Center for Cyber Security Studies building will look like. Construction is said to start this fall.
  11. 2

    USNAvUSAFA -must decide which to attend in FOUR days - PLEASE HELP!!

    Alright, so I am currently deliberating my decision between USNA and USAFA, which has to be made very promptly (5/1/16), and today is 4/27/16. I'll be honest in saying I'm still very in between on this. At this point I've figured out that my experience at either Academy will be great and I...
  12. U

    Questions about Congressional Nominations

    So I've heard there there are 3 ways for MOC to make nominations to the USNA: 1. There's a principal nominee who the USNA has to admit into the academy if they meet the requirements 2. There's a principal nominee and all the other nominees are ranked in order of preference 3. All nominees are...
  13. U

    What do i need to do?

    Hi, I am a freshman in high school and have been considering applying to the USNA in my junior year. I do have some setbacks though. I am homeschooled, and have been for 4 years. While that may make my chances harder to get in, I am ahead in math (wrapping up algebra 2 for the year), English...
  14. F

    The Process (specifically choosing your job)

    So I am a freshman in high school (just thought I'd put that out there.) So I'm thinking about going to Annapolis but I'm a little fuzzy on the process. You see I heard when you go to the recruiter you choose your job in the navy(MC, Diver, etc.) But how does that work when going to USNA do you...
  15. navygal1776

    USNA Admissions Advice

    Hello! I'm currently a senior in high school and would like to obtain a nomination for USNA this coming year. I applied for nominations from a congressman and two senators in the fall but I did not receive any. The main thing I have to improve is my SAT scores and some grades. I have recently...
  16. R

    USNA Prep 2016/17?

    Is there anybody else headed to prep in July? I feel like I'm the only one!
  17. M

    No Minnesotans on list?

    I have not seen any others from MN on the 2020 Appointments thread. Anyone know why? I have applied for this year (class of 2020) and am "Complete Pending Review" according to the portal. I just find it hard to believe that there isn't at least one person who is willing to add themselves to...