navy nurse

  1. Meowspike13

    Life Hits Hard (Rant/Situation Update)

    Hello to all, I received a letter in the mail from Great Lakes stating that my waiver for mild red/green color deficiency was denied. Because of this, I do not qualify for my NROTC Scholarship Navy-option (as to go for an URL officer slot since that is the main purpose for NROTC). It's hard to...
  2. Jimdlt19

    Remaining NROTC Boards

    These are the remaining boards. Can anybody chime in as to if any of the below boards may be screening and selecting Nurse Option Scholarships. If the application period closed Jan 31 I’m hoping for at least 1 Nursing Board left. 7-11 February 2022 21-25 February 2022 7-11 March 2022 4-8 April...