1. S

    How long does it take for USNA to process paperwork?

    My school mailed my ROTC nomination to USNA this past Monday and I was curious to see how long it takes for the portal to update and show that I have received a nomination.
  2. S

    Can I still turn my nomination in

    I'm in 11th grade. I submitted my pre candidate questionnaire, but I did not get a nomination. Should I get my nomination and keep the questionnaire submitted, or should I take out the questionnaire? Also how does the nomination status update? It currently says none. Really dumb question here...
  3. A

    What should I be doing to get a nomination?

    I am a Junior in high school this year and I am wondering what I should be doing to better my chances of getting a nomination. I'd like to go to West Point, and I live in Colorado. My GPA is 3.74. I am a female. I am an Officer in the Future Business Leaders of America. A member of the...
  4. amc

    National Guard Nomination

    Is it possible to join the National Guard while in high school so that you have another source for a nomination? If so, when would be the earliest you could join? Thanks
  5. K

    Chicken or the Egg?

    (Help: moderator please move this to the appropriate thread.) Really stupid, stupid rookie question time... What comes first, a MOC Nom or an Appointment? Does one apply for and receive an Appointment then take that appointment to the MOC to make a strong case for the Nom? Or does one get a...
  6. fightingfalcon2020

    Does PA Senator Bob Casey give Principal Nominations to USAFA?

    If anyone has received a principal nomination to USAFA or any academy for this year or in the past by Senator Casey please let me know!