nomination request

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    The Secretary of the Army Nomination

    I was wondering if I am eligible to request for a nomination because I am in an Army JROTC program in my high school, and our battalion is an Honor Unit with Distinction. And if I am eligible, where do I send the nomination request? Thank you!
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    Congressional nominations- letters of recommendation?

    On senator and house representative websites, they give the information for nomination application, but some require letters of recommendation and some don't mention it at all. Do some congressmen/women not require any letters of recommendation for their application process, or should I submit...
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    ROTC applications that become nominations

    Does anyone know how many ROTC nomination applications put in by the Battalion PMS actually become nominations? I know there are 20 slots allotted to ROTC appointments, but I am wondering how many people get the nominations. I first received a letter on my portal stating that West Point had...